ARCOIRIS - Samba and Cuban percussion band

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Where and when we meet

Arcoiris (the Portugese for rainbow) is a carnival band from Cambridge (UK), playing principally Brazilian and Cuban carnival ryhthms.

Currently we meet at 7:30 on WEDNESDAYS at the Bathhouse, Mill Road. (Note we have changed from Tuesdays to Wednesdays, and at a slightly earlier time now)

Sessions last two and a quarter hours, with a 15 minute break for annoucements, discussion etc.

Who can join?

Anyone is welcome to come along and join in. We are hoping to set up a split session, with time for newcomers at the beginning, soon.

What we play

Brazilian: Cuban:

Getting in touch

Possibly the best person to contact is our leader/mestre Jane, on (01223) 292977 (answering mc) Email contact is me, markt@harlequin.co.uk

Other Samba pages

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World Wide Samba home page

There is a recently formed mailing list, sambistas-request@tardis.ed.ac.uk for Samba-related issues.

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