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Theatrewide chemical and bacteriological warfare, not for export to Iraq, Libya, or North Korea.

Chicken Satay Of Mass Destruction

4chicken breasts
8green "bullet" chillies
3tbspcrunchy peanut butter
1lime, juice and grated zest
16mini pomodorino, cherry, or other tasty miniature tomatoes
8smallish mushrooms
1green pepper (bell pepper, capsicum)
handfulchopped fresh coriander (cilantro) – or use 1tbsp of that stuff that comes in toothpaste tubes
splashMalibu (or use 1tsp creamed coconut)
hefty splashdry sherry or madeira
hefty splasholive oil
Cut the chicken breasts into 1in cubes. Place in a bowl with the coriander, the lime zest and juice, the Tabasco, the olive oil, and the peanut butter. Add the Malibu and the dry sherry, mix, cover, and leave in the fridge overnight.  
The next day, prepare the chillies. Cut each chilli in half across the middle. Deseed both halves: the top half is best done by pulling the stalk off, and (using only the top quarter-inch of a fine-pointed knife) cutting carefully round the white circle where the stalk joined on, then cutting the seed-bearing ribs away from the sides (by poking the knife in from below), then pushing the seeds and ribs out from the top by using the blunt end of a skewer. This is fiddly, but very necessary: if you leave even one seed inside a chilli (where it won't cook), your guests will know about it! Add the seeds from two of the chillies to the marinade; discard the other seeds.
Soak eight bamboo or wooden skewers in a glass of water for half-an-hour (or use metal skewers).
Cut the green pepper into eight biggish pieces. Starting each one with a piece of green pepper, thread the chicken onto the skewers, alternating with mini tomatoes and with chillies. You should have enough bits of chicken to get two tomatoes and two chilli halves on each skewer. Finish each skewer by poking the point into a mushroom to "buffer" it. This is a necessarily very messy process, but try and keep the marinade off the tomatoes and chillies, as their gleaming redness and greenness looks wonderful in among the chicken.
If the remaining marinade looks a bit thin, reduce it in a pan on the stove until it's a good basting consistency. There's lots of taste in the sauce, so make sure it sticks to the chicken rather than falling into the barbecue.
Barbecue (or, failing that, grill) on each side until chicken is golden and chilli halves are starting to blacken. Baste with any remaining marinade from time to time.
Eat – but, very carefully. Both the sauce, and the only-probably-cooked chilli halves, are to be treated with some respect. The first time I served this, I destroyed two of my co-workers and inflicted considerable blast damage on a third.
If you want to make a girls' version as well as a boys' version, prepare half as many chillies and use ready-to-eat dried apricots instead of chillies on half your skewers.
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