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Cycle rides
around Cambridge, UK
The fact that Google Maps makes this so easy, or perhaps the fact that the example code was already so close to what I wanted, is very cool.
Cambridgeshire is very flat, so none of these rides require any superhuman ability. And most of the country roads you’ll be cycling along, are well-provisioned with pubs in case any need for refreshment should arise. Particularly good pubs for lunch are marked on the maps.
Like Google Maps itself, these maps don't, at time of writing, work in Konqueror, or if you have Javascript (ECMAScript) turned off. They should work in Firefox, Galeon, Mozilla, or MSIE.
45 miles Ely
40 miles Gransdens & Eversdens
20 miles Northern Villages via Milton, Madingley
45 miles Saffron Walden & Great Chishill

How it’s done

The routes aren’t derived from Google Maps’ own directions-finding service; Google doesn’t let that information out, and anyway they’re targetting car-drivers, and all these rides use at least one place cars can’t go. So the routes are captured using Greg Stoll’s trick: double-click on each point on the route one by one, and for each one, right-click on “Link to this page” and choose “Copy link location&rdquo, then paste that location into a text file. You end up with a text file full of lines like this, each denoting one point on the route:


(that one’s Bridge Street crossroads). Places of Use to Bicyclists are marked with the acronym "pub":

pub http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?ll=52.212386,0.128113&spn=0.004621,0.006758&t=k&hl=en Fort St George

Then the text file is processed by some sed magic to produce an XML file which is read by the Javascript and sent to Google Maps.
If you want to do something similar yourself, you’re welcome to copy any and all of what I’ve done -- but you’ll need to sign up for your own Google Maps key, as each one only works in the same directory on the same server that it was created for.

(K) All Rites Reversed -- Copy What You Like