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CheckWeb 0.9

CHECKWEB 0.9 is a program to go through a Web site (a set of HTML pages) and report on any links among those pages which don't point at anything.


Your Web site must be accessible from an Acorn RiscOS computer (e.g. over NFS or LanManFS). Stick a copy of CheckWeb in the root of your Web page and make that the current directory. Then just type

and off it goes.

CheckWeb will report on the following errors:

  • Relative links (of the form "index.htm" or "../gifs/paper.jpg" etc.) for which the destinations don't exist;
  • Site-absolute links (starting with "/") for which the destinations don't exist;
  • Within-page links (like "fish.htm#contents" or "#copying") for which the destinations don't exist.
  • Inlined images (with relative or site-absolute URLs) for which the destinations don't exist.


  • CheckWeb doesn't verify external links exist (which I suppose it could by sending HTTP HEAD commands). This includes any link starting http: even if it actually refers to another page within the same site.
  • If you're using it over Acorn NFS, it won't spot errors of case (e.g. a file is called Index.htm and the link points to index.htm)
  • It doesn't cope with server-side imagemaps.
  • I haven't tried it, but it probably doesn't cope with client-side imagemaps either.
  • It checks all HTML files in or under the starting directory, whether or not they're all actually accessible by a chain of links from the top.


CheckWeb is NOT COPYRIGHTED and is NOT distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.

Downloading CheckWeb 0.9: Just click here (6K).

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