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InterGif 6.15 distributions

InterGif is available for Acorn RiscOS, for Microsoft Windows (95 and NT) and for Linux. In each case both ready-to-run and source-code distributions are available. The Linux source code will probably also work on other versions of Unix, and other systems altogether -- it just uses ANSI C. InterGif is not currently available for Windows 3.1. It hasn't been tested on Windows 98, ME or 2000, but should work (let me know if not).
The different source distributions are all complete -- they all contain the same files -- but each is built with the specific line-ending and filename rules of its platform.
It's up to you what you do with the source -- but if what you do with it is make bug-fixes or improvements to InterGif, I'd like to request that you send them to me so that this page can always offer the "best" version.
InterGif is NOT COPYRIGHTED and is NOT distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.
The GIF compression and decompression code is based on the source of the BSD Unix compress(1) command: for full information read the relevant source file in InterGif.
This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group (histogram.c and mediancut.c).

Acorn RiscOS version (Older RiscOS)
Just click here (73K) for the !InterGif 6.15 application. This 26-bit build is compatible with RiscOS versions 2 to 3.70 inclusive, but is not compatible with Iyonix.

Acorn RiscOS version (Newer RiscOS)
Just click here (73K) for the !InterGif 6.15 application. This 32-bit build, by Martin Würthner, is compatible with Iyonix and with any earlier RiscOS (from 3.10 onwards) which has the 32-bit SharedCLibrary installed.

Source code (Spark format)
Just click here (193K) for the InterGif 6.15 source code.

Linux version
Just click here (27K) for the InterGif 6.15 binary for x86 Linux.

Source code (tar.gz format)
Just click here (105K) for the InterGif 6.15 source code.

Windows version
Unfortunately, following a server crash and a failed restore-from-backup, the Windows binary is currently unavailable. Anyone with Visual C++ (and a Windows unzipper that understands tar.gz files) should be able to compile their own from the source code (105K).

Otherwise, alternative GIF implementations for Windows include Gifsicle and the very comprehensive Imagemagick.

To compile InterGif on RiscOS, you will need a C compiler (I used Acorn C 5.06), and a copy of DeskLib. (As of version 6.02, you no longer need my ExtrasLib.)
The Linux and Windows versions use only the standard C library. The Linux version was compiled with gcc 3.3.3 (make -f makefile.ix). The Windows version was compiled with Visual C++ 5.0 (nmake -f makefile.win): the source should compile just as well with any other version of C, but you may need to edit the makefile.

The acorn and flag symbols used above are trademarks of their respective owners; they are used only to distinguish different platforms and not with any intention to arrogate intellectual property rights.

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