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ManyFonts 3.0

ManyFonts is a font-directory type thing for people with lots of fonts (which, seeing as you're on the Internet, probably includes you). With this program all your fonts, just like gas cookers, are "easily turn on and offable".

You can do the sorts of things with it you can do with commercial products like EasyFont - only much, much less. But hey, it's free. It does what I needed, anyway. ManyFonts requires RiscOS 3.10 or later.

Downloading ManyFonts 3.0: Just click here (21K). (If you're using Mosaic, turn on Binary File Transfer in the Options menu first.)

Downloading the source to ManyFonts 3.0: Just click here (25K). It's up to you what you do with the source -- but if what you do with it is make bug-fixes or improvements to ManyFonts, I'd like to request that you send them to me so that this page can always offer the "best" version. (A 3.0a source release, previously available here, got corrupted and I can't find a backup. It anyway contained no new features, but could be compiled stand-alone, i.e. without ExtrasLib.)

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