> Patrick Campbell-Preston's test page

Nasty cases of tables

Nasty cases of floating items

Too many floating images

Watch Netscape, even version 4, and even the mozilla.org version, getting it wrong when the total floating width exceeds the galley width. MSIE3 starts sticking the images on the next line, but only after it's already too wide for the page. MSIE4 beta 2 plots them all over each other.

Single floater, far too wide

It just gets worse. In MSIE4 beta 2 the "Post Post" text overplots the big align=right images.

Borris's nested tables

This page contains tables nested 70 levels deep. Click with care. Netscape 3 will take, by our extrapolations from simpler pages, about thirty-four thousand million years to format the page on a typical Pentium computer, and Netscape 4 about 2.9x1030 years. All the while it'll be unkillable except with kill -9 or equivalent (e.g. NT Task Manager). A mozilla built