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How to contact me.

The easyiest way to get hold of me is through email, Just to make things more awkward I have three email addresses, one at work, and two at home. Below are links to each of them.

Email: tim@cityscape.co.uk
Email: tim@chaos.org.uk
Email: tim@island.demon.co.uk

I also have a web page, but at the moment, this is a little experimental!

WWW: http://www.chaos.org.uk/~tim/


Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language, that is avaiable for a number of differnt platforms (including unix (sunos/linux etc), OS/2, RISC-OS, Windows (NT as well)). It is easily extensible via simple modules (which can be inplemented in C and compiled into the interpeter if this is more efficient). Available modules include http and html processing, NNTP access, Multi-Media support and support for a variety of windowing systems.

For more information see the Python Home Page.

Things I want to be able to get to quickly...

Work Related

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Commercial domain naming in the UK
How a Network Provider registers sites in the CO.UK Domain
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Points of Presence


The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
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System Security
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Search Engines

Lycos Large Database
Lycos Search Form
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OS/2 Stuff

Technical Information
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The Warp Pharmacy (Sydney, Australia)
OS/2 Must Have Utilities And FTP Sites
Serial Storage Architecture (SSA)

Space - The Final Frontier

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The Nine Planets
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The High Energy Weapons Archive
Area 51 Research Center


Garmin GPS 45 and GPS 40 Frequently Asked Questions
Introduction to GPS Applications
12 channel bare gps card
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Back Pain and Cycling
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mini FAQ on bicycle lights
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UK Cyclists' Organisations

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Babylon5 UK FAQ
What's New in the Lurker's Guide and elsewhere
Babylon 5 UK Listings
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Star Wars Home Page at UPENN
Cerebus the Page, OPERATION: Crazed Ferret
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The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page
Intersection (WorldCon '95), the 53rd World Science Fiction Convention
Watching the Detectives Start


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The Electronics HomeWorld
Flat Panel Displays
PAiA: Theremax
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Misc stuff

Weblint Home Page
Scamizdat - Read about the dangerous "Church" of Scientology
Offshore Information Services Ltd.
International Standard Date and Time Notation
Cambridge Cycling Campaign
My Bookmarks
United Kingdom Based WWW Servers.
The Lynx
Ethernet: Access to Ethernet Information
GNU Hurd information
Computing Dictionary
PowerPC News home page
Introduction to the software engineering glossary
USENET Calculator
Hillegass House recipe page
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Relatively Neat
Main Page: The Internet Movie Database at Cardiff UK
HTML Form-Testing Home Page
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Index Librorum Liberorum: Contents of http://www.fourmilab.ch/
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Directory of /pub/replay/pub/remailer