The clans

Aside from the poor immigrants, there were also the clans, some small, some large, with various prior social structure and know-how welded together into a single cultural unit. There was a fair degree of variation, among clans, in how much of an upheaval they went through during the move; and in how well they adapted to life in their new country - several large clans fell apart under the stresses of the move - indeed, quite a lot of the `poor', above, came either from the shrapnel of such splits or from clans which had simply disintegrated.

Some clans (could afford to) buy some land outright and had clan members design and build their houses. Local materials weren't what they were used to, so these were often botched. On the other hand, a fair few idiots kept their positions within their clan as designers solely because the new context was one in which they could fool their peers (and, usually, themselves) that the flaws in their houses were `teething problems' or due to defects in local materials and available designs.

Faced with this, many stopped trying to do their design within the clan, thereby frustrating craftsmen who'd just learned a new craft and weren't allowed to continue because what they'd done was no better than one would expect from ... well, from a first attempt. A fair few clans screwed themselves badly by kicking out all their designers, who then joined other clans which then charged their old clan serious amounts of money for use of designs they could have had done in-house ...

That idiotic bug

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