Games I play

One of my favourites is Mah Jongg, a chinese game with notable similarities to rummy. That brings me to card games, of which I play several. I grew up in a family which delights in racing demon, which we play as a blood sport. I play a great many forms of patience and many whist-related games, though I tend to avoid bridge (likewise chess) as requiring too much seriousness to play interestingly. Within the whist family, I've taken a great interest in the various dialects of Black Maria cum Hearts: in Norway, I learned a new relative of these called Davoserjazz (long a, long o and the j has the sound you'll hear at the start of `you').

As you may have noticed, this page is only half-written: it's really only here as the logical linkage point for various things of which only the Davoserjazz page exists. Eventually, it'll expand ...

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