Let's talk about God

I was raised to believe in A God who knows all and Has Power Overe All. I chose not to believe in such an entity. On the one hand, I have no evidence to support the claim; and there are ontological issues with it, anyway. On the other hand, were I to believe such an entity existed, I would conclude it was evil and, in so far as I could conceive of a way to do so, I would feel obligated to kill it.

In a strict court of justice sense, I would judge that entity evil based on what it did to me. I am fairly convinced that there have beem millions of other folk who have suffered worse at the hands of this all-powerful omniscient entity; and they are who I would be avenging, were I to go on the quest to kill that entity. None the less, I know from personal experience that, if such an entity exists, It Is Evil. I have my own personal experiences from which to damn it: but my righteous fury against such an entity is powered by the apalling cruelties in which it did not intervene.

Until Chiang Kai Chek intervened, a significant proportion of the girls born into the human species had their feet cruellly broken for reasons utterly rational to their parents, who inflicted thist torture upon them. An onmiscient all-powerful entity could have subverted their culture millennia earlier to avoid this appalling practice. Either it does not exist or it chose not to do so. The latter case inescapably labels it Evil.

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