Expressing Mathematics in HTML

There are scattered fragments around this site concerned with how I express mathematics in HTML. On this page I intend to collect fragments of `overview' that I extract from detail pages, to serve as a hub for cross-references on the subject. At least some rants will appear here, at least until I find a better home for them or way of saying anything constructive they express. For now (Autumn 1999), I've only just recognised the need for this editorial activity, but that won't stop me pointing HREFs herewards in anticipation of my next burst of copious free time (currently scheduled, I'm afraid, for roughly the early '20s of the new century).

See also

For general discussion of why I do things the way I do on this site, see my page on maintaining my site. I use unorthodox denotations and hope my description of them is somewhere near intelligible.

Written by Eddy.
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