markt's (geodesic) Dome picture page

My experimental dome framework, 60% scale of its intended size
[picture of garden-cane dome]

My first metal dome, nearly 7m in diameter (also photos here)
[picture of aluminium dome]

My first metal dome covered, at the Bristol juggling convention '98
[picture of improvised furniture in dome]

My first metal dome covered, at the Wessex juggling convention '98
[picture of dome amongst tents under ominously grey sky]

The metal dome at the engineering department of the Univ. of Cambridge (UK)
[picture of dome]

"Needle Tower" tensegrity sculpture by Kenneth Snelson (images at www.frontiernet.net/~imaging/tenseg2.html)
[Needle Tower from side] [looking straight up Needle Tower from inside]

French dome

Larger French dome

Structure of above


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