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Nearly all dome/dome-kit manufacturers seem to be in the U.S., unfortunately, but the web pages can be an inspiration:


Recently John Moon contacted me mentioning dome construction workshops that he and Sean Hellman are running in the UK on 16th-18th April (Osho Leela, Dorset), 11th-13th June (Buckfastleigh, Devon), 23rd-25th July (Stoodleigh, Devon). Prices range from 85 to 99 pounds, including accommodation - I've no idea if there are concessionary prices, but see the contact details below to find out more. Disclaimer - these aren't my workshops!

Here is John's description of the workshops:

"You ask about the content of the dome tent workshops, with a view to highlighting them on your pages. What we intend to do is as follows:

  • John will introduce the mathematical principles behind the generation of geodesic structures - platonic solids, archimedian solids, face breakdown, projection to the surface of the sphere, cutting structures horizontally and vertically, altering of shape, for example to eliptical.
  • Sean will introduce the practical side of construction, materials, joints, coverings etc.
  • Individuals will choose their own design and size of tent from amongst infininite possibilities, having been made aware of what's possible in John's introduction.
  • John will generate the data for these choices - using mathematical and 3D CAD software. Individuals will build scale models of their chosen design using straws and connectors. Individuals will take these models home and all the information needed to build them.
  • Sean will lead the building of one or two of the chosen domes, from scratch to completion of the frame, from coppiced hazel.

    Hopefully 20 satisfied dome tent builders ready to grace the fields, camps and festivals of the world with multicoloured domes of every shape and size!"

    The contact information I have is:
       John Moon      john_moon@geodesics-unlimited.com
       Box Cottage,         +1380 830019
       5 Tinhead Rd.,
       WILTS.  BA13 4PH

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