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ExtrasLib 0.1

ExtrasLib is just a bunch of stuff I often use which isn't to be found in DeskLib. Some of it, in fact, has since appeared in DeskLib, rendering parts of ExtrasLib obsolete.

It's not offered in any pretence that it's yet complete. Some routines in header files (and at least one entire header file, namely freeway.h), are just not implemented at all. I'm mainly sticking it here so people can recompile other programs in my pages, such as ManyFonts.

Highlights of ExtrasLib include:

  • A set of headers for the socket (Internet) SWIs which are a lot more sane (eg. typesafe) than the standard BSD ones which Acorn ship;
  • Some groovy pane-handling code;
  • Some memory handling code (a la RiscOSLib:Heap/Flex)
  • Lots of other little things

If you're keen on finding out how it all works, the best way is to download the source of ManyFonts and have a look. People who already have code/expertise investment in DeskLib might find something handy in there -- although if you're starting from scratch I reckon you should probably use OSLib instead.

I use Acorn C release 5; ExtrasLib headers haven't been tested with other C compilers.

Downloading ExtrasLib 0.1: Just click here (64K).

The source of ExtrasLib: isn't available right now. I haven't the time now to go through and sanitise it all, but as soon as I have I'll probably offer it to the DeskLib project, because taking two libraries into the shower is just not what you want to do. (Why didn't I do that in the first place? Because Iota has only just become a proper citizen of the world (read, Internet) and I wouldn't have been able to support the code.)

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