For those unfamiliar with the finger program under Unix, it's a command which lets you find out a bare minimum of information about a user. Here's a rather neater provision of the same data, omitting the bits about most recent login and reading of mail (which are often misleading).


A finger's-eye view of Eddy

It seems in the spirit of finger to give you a curriculum vitae and the projects and plan that finger would mention. The first two of these are elsewhere on my website; the links will take you there. As for the last:

Solve no.s 1, 3 and 4 [in that order, maybe] of the following
(The Four Problems Worth Bothering With):
  1. {What, whither, why, whence, how} is the universe ?
  2. How may we manage a global ecosystem ?
  3. (How) may a machine be persuaded to behave intelligently ?
  4. How may humanity sustainably manage its interaction to mutual benefit ?

(^: any suggestion that I may be being frivolous or overambitious will be ignored ;^)

I acknowledge that no. 2 is outside my areas of competence; as is the pursuit of cures for the adverse effects of aging, which is a problem worth bothering with – but seemed beyond any hope of solution when I composed the list above, in my late 20s.

For a less serious look at me, consider what I might look like as a Dungeons and Dragons character.

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