I'm no poet

but at least I know it.

Eddy's Pictures

I don't use pictures much: I use a few as decorations, mostly fancy horizontal rules, in my page-livery; I use a few others, usually for humorous effect, in specific places; and I've started using SVG images for technical illustrations. For five years I deliberately didn't have a picture of me on this site … but in 1999's Spring I met two elsewhere on the web, so caved in and gave them a page of their own. The images below (except for Mona Lisa, which is public domain; and my 2016 beard picture, which is mine) are copyright other folk and used here on a presumption of it being fair use, given that they're pictures of me ;^>

Craphenge jugglerjuggling (small) Beery Spice put up a picture of me juggling among the pictures from Craphenge – Blue String Pudding's 1998 Summer bash.

Twirling Loon Patrick recognised a twirling loon on the Suffolk & Good festival website (possibly now defunct, sorry), also in the '90s – to judge by the length of my hair, summer 1994.

CV portrait The helpful folks at Din Utvikling took a portrait photo (in 2015/Mar) that I duly cropped to produce an image for use in my CV (small, medium, large).

Mona Lisa poseActual Mona Lisa At a summer party (most likely either 2011 or 2012), one of my colleagues at Opera took a picture that some consider reminiscent of the Mona Lisa. I kinda get the idea, but don't really see it that way, myself.

Beardy me, 1993Beardy me, 2016 I scanned an old photo taken at work, in 1993, and snipped out the part showing me, to contrast with a 2016 picture, in discussing how my beard had changed in the interval.

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