On Good Friday, I walked up to Maridalsvannet and walked about on the ice, visiting the islands in it. A fortnight late, on April 15th, I jogged up to Maridalsvannet and back; it took about an hour and a half.

On May 10th I spend an hour and a half wriggling vigorously to stretch and warm up my muscles. I then jogged to the river (380m, 6m up, 11m down) by Myrhen's Verksted and down to the waterfall below Månefisken (555m, up 11m, down 3m), where I walked down and dragged myself back up the grass slope (90 each way, 9m up-or-down) alongside; eight times I ran up (albeit this is more a description of my gait than my speed) interleaved with walking up four times, with some walking about to recover at bottom and top each time; then I walked home the same way I'd come. That took a total of 90m (of which I estimate 18m there and back; so the average circuit down-and-up the slope comes to 8/3 minutes or 160 seconds, averaging a bit over 1 m/s horizontally (3.6 km/hr) and 10 cm/s vertically).

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