Edward Welbourne's Life (outside work)

My early interest in theoretical physics and mathematics has never faded; the unruly sprawl of my web-site is its modern result. In meat-space, I'm a pattern juggler; I play card games; I sometimes have the courage to dance to live bands when they play in my favourite pubs; and I like walking in the hills when I get the chance. But mostly I get my enjoyment in life by spending time with people.


After school (and a year out, split between work and travelling round Canada to visit relatives) I attended the University of Cambridge, as a scholar of Trinity college:

1982–1985 – University of Cambridge: Bachelor's Degree
2nd class honours in Mathematics, after which I stayed on for the rigours of
1985–1986 – University of Cambridge: Part III:
specialising in Theoretical Physics; followed by a year (1986–1987) supervising (mostly) final year students. Cambridge upgraded my BA to an MA in 1989.

As a student I edited the journal, Eureka, of the university society for Mathematicians (the Archimedeans), of which I was first Publicity Manager and later President. Other undergraduate follies, too diverse to enumerate, ranged from organising my college's contribution to The Rag in my second term to participation in public debates at the Union Society.

Certificates for the qualifications above and below are available on request as PDFs.


From age five (1968) to seven, I went to the village infants' school in Countesthorpe, Leicestershire; from there I moved to Stoneygate school in Leicester which I left, aged 12, with a scholarship to Shrewsbury school. At Shrewsbury, I obtained eleven O levels (taken at age 15 to 16), four A levels and two S levels (A&S at age 18) before taking the scholarship exams to Cambridge, in which I won a scholarship to Trinity College.

Results for the various GCSE O, A and S level exams, all from the Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examining Board, are:

A (and S):
Which is to say, top marks, with distinction in both S levels.
A grades in:
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Language and French.
B grade in:
C grades in:
Latin, Religious Studies, Biology, English Literature.

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