Were I an artist, I would present a portfolio to a potential employer, to give some idea of what I have done in the past. Most of my past jobs have involved working on software that isn't available for anyone – even me – to see, except those who work for the company whose code it is. However, I have had occasion to work on some code that it is possible to show, so here I offer that as a (very incomplete) portfolio.

My contributions to the Qt open-source project all go through public code review and remain on display indefinitely. (If you notice any mistakes, that we missed in review, pointing them out there is a great way to help us improve Qt, by the way.) As a member of the core and network team, I get to do a lot of fairly unglamorous housekeeping; I also do a lot of review of everything else that other folk are changing and I've taken care of many merges between branches. I wrote the scripts that generate API change reviews after each release's feature-freeze, I've done extensive work on the scripts that prepare the L10n data that QLocale derives from the CLDR, I maintain all things time-related and the QLocale and QCollator parts of text-handling (the rest of which I also dabble in). This list is by no means exhaustive.

CFEngine's open source core contains diverse contributions from my time working on it. They also have private repositories for their enterprise product, but I can't show you my changes there ! To single out two examples (in the public repositories):

My pythonic study package is stuff I play with for my own amusement; it's available on GitHub.

Some of my toys on this web-site can serve to illustrate my work in JavaScript, with which I have little experience. (They shall also serve to illustrate why I generally leave the design of user interfaces to others.) I trust anyone capable of assessing their merit is capable of getting at the code behind those pages without my help.

Viewing the source of my web pages should give some insight into how I write mark-up. This applies as much to SVG illustrations as to HTML and XHTML mark-up.

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