Diary 2007

This is a record of major changes in my web site in the course of 2007. For more recent activity, see its successor; for contemporary stray thoughs, see the relevant part of the relevant page.

Alternating algebra
I've made a diagram illustrating many of the principal entities in the alternating algebra.
Substition cipher toy
I've now completed a toy I've been wanting to find time to make for a while; it facilitates applying substitution ciphers to texts and decoding the results.
A little essay in support of the rehabilitation of a word whose value has been corrupted by misguided purity notions based on the alleged virtues of self-denial.
Stray thoughts on why it takes more than reasoning to persuade folk.
gravity assist
I've written (during one of my bouts of insomnia) an account of how space-craft get helped along their journeys by making a close pass by a planet. My page on the Newtonian two-body problem got a bit of a tidy-up in the process.
Local validator
I've worked out how to use .htaccess files, exploiting the fact that the seen on the public version of this site is a sub-directory of the one I see at home, to have the HTML validator button on my pages redirect to the W3C's validator when public but to a local installation of the validator when I'm at home, which greatly simplifies my on-going program of rolling validation.
Enhanced life
Added a stop when boring feature (among other adjustments) to my implementation of the finite state automaton named life by its discoverer, John Horton Conway. Also (fixed some bugs and) flagrantly abused MAP elements to satisfy the validator, which didn't like my use of TABLEs in DT elements.
Modernised my CV
A minor update provoked me into making it all valid HTML 4.01 (and not before time).
A python package for scientific computation
I've had this lying around for some time now, but recently [2007/Easter] tidied it up into a relatively releasable package.
Links between mathematical pages
An extensive linkage upgrade; moved many links from the index page to primary sub-topic pages, added links for everything else in the math/ directory to its index.
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