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Much of what crosses my mind does so in passing. For the sake of somewhere to put it, without the pretence of it fitting into an overall hierarchy of ideas, I have this area of my website; its contents are filed according to when I wrote them, and try to explain in their introductions what prompted them. Along with such thoughts of the moment it seems to be a suitable place for book reviews. Consequently, this index is based on chronology. (See also my history, from 2004 to 2010, of GrokLaw postings.) I'm perfectly happy that this isn't enough to qualify the result as a blog: that isn't something I'm trying to do.

on-going development.
What is the speed of a diffuse object 
A partial beginning of a thought about how we describe the movement of diffuse objects.
On the evil of advertising
An incomplete beginning of a late-night ramble, probably upon my return from a pub.
Running continues
A harder winter lead to a slow start.
Avoiding reductio
An attempt at using more constructive reasoning about some puzzles I read.
On intuition and mathematics
A call for a more nuanced relationship between the two, recognising that intuition can be educated to better accord with rigour.
The modest amount of activity I got up to in another quiet year.
More running
I managed to drag myself out for a run, enough times that I even ended up running (rather than jogging) sometimes.
Few changes during a year with no enthusiasm, during which a disk crash lost local changes.
Running again
I tried going for a run, for (almost) the first time in a quarter century, and actually liked it.
My web-site continued evolving without me writing any new thoughts of the moment.
Changes during a quiet year.
DnD caricature updates
I played with the same web-test as below (2009) some more, even considering which feats, skills and spells a DnD me would be inclined to learn.
On divisibility
A quick look at the atomist-continualist controversy.
XML for people's names
A rant about bad schemas in illustrations meant to show how good XML is. (In progress until 2011, Feb 21.)
development during the international year of astronomy.
We are all mongrels
Much of the mythology around race and ethnicity ignores the practical reality of actual human ancestry: pure-bloods are a myth.
Sharing house-work
How to cope with house-mates when you don't all have the same tolerances for various kinds of squalor.
Teaching the controversy
It's not a scientific controversy: it's purely political and religious. So, do those who teach religion embrace teaching the controversy ?
A DnD caricature of me
playing with a web-test that tried to model me as a Dungeons and Dragons character.
Supersonic ionization
Crude estimates at whether supersonic movement can turn air to plasma.
The elusive Higgs boson
and why I don't didn't believe in it.
Thoughts on EPO G3/08
a set of questions the European Patent Office has asked its Enlarged Board of Appeal.
The Laius complex
another perspective on the tale of Œdipus.
Science's humility
concerning the errors that arise from mis-interpreting science's willingness to admit its limitations, and the errors that come from forgetting them.
The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy
Over-view of the few changes in a year when I was otherwise busy.
Year-end disruption
or, a short account of why there were no updates in the last few weeks of 2008.
Distributed internet searching
For the searches where you need human help, bug trackers provide a possible framework for building a community of folk willing to help with such searching.
Now that CERN's LHC is coming on-line, they'll be needing computing resources.
Iran, space and nuclear technology
a wry (and sadly cynical) look at what the mighty reveal about themselves in their protestations about Iran's enthusiasm for twentieth century technology.
Highlights of a year's development.

An illustration of how a loss leader might help a business earn money.

Verbal doodles about revealing clothing.
Studying JPEG, to work out what to do with images I've uploaded from my camera.
A quick diatribe about base one zero
The Black Sphinx
and my solution of a cryptographic puzzle it presents.
A modest suggestion towards reducing abuses of the patent system.
What is the SCO group claiming ? An attempt to make sense of part of an on-going law-suit.
Who killed Diana ? As if the facts of the situation weren't plain enough …
Charge ! An idea for a board game
Changes to this site.
A tribute to constitutional monarchy
On Numbers and Games
On the principle of population
Making teams work
What is a planet ?
On herding cats

monkeys: a diatribe about bad programming.

Building the spinning colour cube, a note-book of some SVG development.
How often is the 13th day of the month a Friday ?
Cross-cultural trade in world history
a partial study of the game of noughts and crosses
an incomplete look at how many valid end-states there are for the game of sudoku
Intelligent Design is not a Theory
On the true origins of HTML
Population limit
Leaps in the dark
Remarkable Physicists
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Ecological Randomness
The End of Time

Marcia's Singularity

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