Website activity diary 2017

Another quiet year, focus derailed by emotional turmoil. I did at least (eventually) work out how to configure ssh correctly to restore communication between my public web server and the version-controlled source repository in which I prepare what I write. Aside from a plethora of tiny typo fixes and kindred tidy-ups, along with minor additions to my time-line and pages on the scale of things, here's what git log tells me I got up to:

Modular doodles
I poked around my beginnings at a treatment of modules over a ringlet, notably adding consideration of anti-linearity for compledified ringlets.
The Hilbert space formalisation of Quantum Mechanics
I wrote a little more, mostly about the algebraic formalism it requires, barely touching the actual physics.
Altruism and evolution
I added some minor observations on the evolutionary benefits of altruism.
The three centres of a triangle
Another classic piece of Euclidean geometry.
Isosceles triangles
A rough account of one of the most basic pieces of Euclidean geometry, including the relationships between circles and triangles inscribed within them.
Squaring polygons
A look at a difference of two squares reveals a way to construct, for any polygon, a square with the same area.
Pythagorean proofs
I separated out most of the proofs from the general discussion of Pythagoras's theorem, keeping just my own proof on that page and elaborating on it.
Equilateral triangles and related rectangles
The box in which corner angle trisectors bounce around particularly neatly.
Refining Life
My implementation of Conway's game of that name, to be specific; the controls are a little more helpful now, in a few minor ways.
Rational physics
Some stray thoughts on how theories of physics might use rational numbers, and rounding within them, to model some of what we see in physics.
Orderly arithmetic
More thoughts on the relation between ordering and arithmetic.
Cauchy limits
A partial treatment of convergence.
A ringlet modulo an ideal
Made a start on studying one of the details I skipped over in my earlier treatment of my adaptation of ring theory. In particular arithmetic cycles are an example of this.
Complexifying a ringlet via polynomials
A second way to get at the complex numbers, for a general ringlet; polynomials modulo power(2) +power(0).
Earlier history
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