Website activity diary 2016

This page details what I've been working on lately, so that you can find recent changes to my site. It's entirely possible that some links on this page shall fail to work, or fail to live up to their descriptions: that just means I haven't checked in (recent changes to) the pages they referred to as recently as I've updated this page. This page omits things separately covered by the thoughts of the moment section of this site, unless I update one after its moment: this page is about on-going development on the rest of this site.

On love

An essay on a topic much obscured by over-simple treatments of it in popular culture.

Reviving Euclid

I reworked an old page and wrote a bit more about Euclidean geometry.

Force vs Energy

An explanation of the difference between force and energy, prompted by a child with the good sense to ask questions (and a mother with the good sense to delegate).

Ferries to and from Bergen

More autobiography.

A poignant memory

Another of my newly-gathered autobiographic pages.

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