Website activity diary 2016

Aside from some running separately covered by its thoughts of the moment section, I made relatively few changes to this web-site during 2016; I was distressed about a friendship that had ended abruptly late in 2015 (leaving me unable even to guess the reason for that ending) and had no enthusiasm. Still, I added a little (somewhat morosely) to my autobiographical pages:

On love

An essay on a topic much obscured by over-simple treatments of it in popular culture.

Reviving Euclid

I reworked an old page and wrote a bit more about Euclidean geometry.

Force vs Energy

An explanation of the difference between force and energy, prompted by a child with the good sense to ask questions (and a mother with the good sense to delegate).

Ferries to and from Bergen

More autobiography.

A poignant memory

Another of my newly-gathered autobiographic pages.

My computer's hard disk crashed at the start of September, wiping out various local changes (albeit probably not many: I had written little, lacking enthusiasm for anything); and my last back-up was less recent than my (still not so very recent, July 9th) update to this public copy of my web-site. So I copied that last update back onto my recovered back-up, losing all history between it and that last update; and failed to rediscover how to re-synchronise (invoking CVS on the server while connecting via ssh from home, with a tunnel open to let CVS see my local git cvs server; all of which is in place, yet somehow I get Connection refused), so the site remained unchanging until well into 2017.

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