Website activity diary 2010

I added a few things separately covered by the thoughts of the moment section of this site. I reworked and maintained various pages, improving assorted scripts. Although I was more active in 2010 generally than in 2009, I neglected to even write this diary of activity until six years later; I added no thoughts of the moment in the intervening five years. Maybe I'll be more active in 2016. The 2010 changes I actually consider significant were:

Leibniz operators

Converted an old page to XHTML and made some improvements.

Migrated to git

I had kept my web-site in CVS for many years (after an RCS pre-history); while the public server still uses CVS, my home system now fakes the CVS server from which the public server fetches content; I am actually using git instead, at home.

The real numbers

Using the Dedekind cut to extract a continuum from dense rationals.

Liberating mathematics from foundations

Just as libraries with portable APIs free software from differences between operating systems, good abstractions can free mathematics from dependence on particular foundations.

Harmonic oscillation

An analysis of a standard physical system, both classical and quantum.

Refined a sudoku tool

Mostly makde its scripts better.

Musical Theory

Making partial sense of a notational system with far too many quirks. (Started in mid-2009 but not committed until 2010.)

Norwegian and Unix

A few observations about linguistic similarities.

Educating about sex

A different approach to what one should say to those growing up about what they can expect to become.

Version control

An essay on tracking changes in documents, especially programs.

Memories of VMS

I wrote a little about an operating system I remember from the 1980s, on which help was actually helpful.

Earlier history
2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.

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