What I changed in 2019

I wrote a moderate amount about geometry and had fun, in a few other ways, with HTML 5's support for embedded SVG images. I doodled some haphazard thoughts on other topics, too.

The Sine Law

Made this relationship explicit as part of my discussion of the Cosine rule.

Pythagorean proof by similar triangles

Elaborated on a standard proof, showing another way to think about it.

Brute Force & Ignorance

A discussion of the tension and interplay between elegance and power.

Further reworking of my formalisation of arithmetic, including extension of power to taking positive real powers of positive reals.

Replaced all remaining GIF images with PDFs and SVGs.

Tabbed UI for Life

Conway's game of that name, naturally. I finally lookedup how to do a rearrangement I've long wanted.

Constant acceleration and the Lorentz transform

Revisited and reworked the relativistic analysis,

Some thoughts on smoothness and how to characterise it.

Circuit Diagrams

I had some fun elaborating on how to combine transistors to make the components of computers.

The Sagnac Effect

I began working out its details, but didn't get very far.

Why grown-ups are dumb

A (nother) look at how biology messes with our brains.

Exponentials and logarithms

An examination of homomorphisms between addition and multiplication.

Wilson's theorem

That n +1 is prime precisely if n! +1 is a multiple of it. Tripped over while reading about Lagrange, who first proved it.

More geometry – with pictures !

I wrote up the basics of isosceles triangles and the various centres of triangles. I proved Apollonius's theorem and separated out the square root constructions.

The RNA-origin story of life

Or: how viruses are descended from what created the first cells, once these locked their creators out.

Tinkering with Collatz

I nerd-sniped myself with an old favourite conjecture of mathematics.

Why God is Evil

Or why I hope there's no such thing.

Platonic solids

Adding more faces to platonic solids.

Measuring space

How a form of generalised shear (with no reference to a metric or orthogonality) can enable us to characterise measure in a linear space.

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