What I changed in 2020

This page details what I've been working on lately, so that you can find recent changes to my site. It's entirely possible that some links on this page shall fail to work, or fail to live up to their descriptions: that just means I haven't checked in (recent changes to) the pages they referred to as recently as I've updated this page. This page omits things separately covered by the thoughts of the moment section of this site, unless I update one after its moment: this page is about on-going development on the rest of this site.

More BF&I

An example of how, with a little careful thought, I discovered an elegant solution to a problem, that I initially solved by ruthless use of cartesian co-ordinates and algebra.

How (not) to mark up names

A quick rant about something I've seen done wrong rather often.

Chord Envelope

The nice smooth curve that arises from a bunch of straight lines, connecting points on two lines, whose end-points all have the same sum of distances from where those two lines meets.

A brief look at discrete simplices – or, equivalently, partitioning a counting number total as a sum of lists of counting numbers.

Characterising Continuity

Checked in a rumination I'd written a while ago and tried to make it a little less wooly.

Ptolemy's Theorem

A proof of a non-elementary but powerful property of cyclic quadrilaterals. Also noted a neat consequence of the intersecting chords theorem and moved that discussion to its own page.

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